2017 Northbrook Originals

The Northbrook Arts Commission in collaboration with the Northbrook Public Library is pleased to announce the 2017 Northbrook Originals Art Exhibition for Northbrook artists. This show will be on exhibit in the library from April 1 to May 31, 2017.

The following Northbrook Artists have been selected to participate in the exhibition:

Allen Alvarez,   Ornamental Glass Box (Glass)

Elana Ashley,   Fantasy Creation (Mixed Media)

Betty Becker,   Floating (Acrylic/Collage)

Jerry Block,   Alaskan Sea & Clouds (Photo)

Karen Bonner,   Last Iris of Fall (Watercolor)

Ken Call,   Pumpkin Painters (Watercolor)

Verne Churchill,   Brook in the Woods (Oil & Canvas)

Wayne Close,   Red Barn (Mosaic)

Allen Cohen,   Mirror, Mirror (Photo)

Merle Cohen,   Ava and Nicky (Graphite Portrait)

Janet Cordovi,   Light Blue Sabbath Candelabrum (Pottery)

Josie Lim Cruz,   Precious Junk (Oil)

Dyer Daryl,   Sunset on the Farm in Winter (Acrylic on Canvas)

Sheila Day,   Still Life (Pastel)

Elaine Friedman,   Can we talk? (Acrylic)

Linda Goldman,   Seasons (Watercolor)

Michael Greenberg,   Belem Tower Sunset-Lisbon, Portugal (Photograph)

Barbara Hammel,   Still Life (Oil)

Ernie Halperin,   Plumeria Portrait (Photograph)

David Harris,   Kids at the Rodeo (Digital Archival color  Prints)

Anna Ivleva,   Still Life with Blue Candle (Oil on canvas)

Marilyn Jamora,   The Stare (Watercolor)

Judith Joseph,   Taking Flight (Woodblock Print)

Iris Jutorsky,   The Train at Dalat (acrylic)

Michael Lew,   Dawn at Broom Point-Newfoundland (Giclee Print)

Jerry Lidsky,   Up Close (Photo)

Karina Llergo,   Hands of Compassion (Oil and Acrylics on Canvas)

Sandy Mauk,   Winter in the Country (Watercolor)

Molly Ann Montgomery,   Untitled (Photograph)

Sharon Moyer,   Fairy Tern (Pastel)

Joshua Parker,   untitled (cast and manipulated plastic)

Marilynn Robinson,   Maine Marsh II (Watercolor)

Sarah Sanford,   Rainie’s Day (Oil on Canvas)

Bonnie Siegel,   Lost Coast (Oil)

Marla Silverman,   Chihuly at the Bellagio (Watercolor)

Meha Smith,   Dimensional Journey (Photography)

Larry Stern,   My Kind of Town (Acrylic)

Jane Stiker,   The Art of Reading (Watercolor)

Marlene White,   What is That? (Oil sticks & Acrylic)

Kittie Yohe,   Dancing Jellies (Watercolor on Yupo)Can we talk-Elaine Friedman Kids at the Rodeo-DaveHarris Lost Coast-BonnieSeigel



Sunset on the Farm in Winter-DarylDyer The Art of Reading-JaneStiker