2nd Annual Northbrook Plein Air Painting Festival RECAP

2nd Annual Northbrook Plein Air Painting Festival  – September 26-30, 2018

Plein Air Festival Award Winners:


  1. Donna Shortt, Indianapolis, IN. Rainy Day Color Wheel.  $1200
  1. Nyle Gordon, Ethel, MO. Techny Towers. $750
  1. Jeanne Clohisy, Arlington Heights, IL River’s Edge. $500
  1. Steve Puttrich, Arlington Heights, IL Bridge to Island Gardens. $150  Honorable Mention
  1. Deb Anderson, Glenview, IL. Sunset From Willowhill, $150 Honorable Mention

Quick Paint Event

  1. Jennifer Stanley, Chicago, IL, Pink Trees, $300
  1. Jan Schmuckal, Geneva, IL. Quiet Day in Northbrook.  $200
  1. Nyle Gordon, Ethel, MO. Northbrook, IL.  $100

Best Nocturne

  1. Spencer Meagher, Mt Vernon, IL. Moonlight Serenade.  $300
  1. Margaret Robinson, Shorewood, WI. Crossing.  $200
  1. Henryk Ptasiewicz, St. Louis, MO. The Rick Shandling Group. $100

Artist’s Choice:  Spencer Meagher, Mt Vernon, IL.  Over & Under. $250  Voted by the Plein Air Painters.  Peer Award.

People’s Choice: Marty Coulter, Washington, MO.  A Walk in Somme Woods.  $250  VOTED BY Visitors to event.

For further information about the event, please contact Bruce Bondy of the Northbrook Arts Commission at 847-421-6999 or email: bruce@bondystudio.com